Rubber Technology

Yemenici produces world quality !

Yemenici kept his word for continuous quality improvement by the heavy investments in compound manufacturing technology. The mixing machine which is controlled by computer aid from our modern laboratory prevents any risk of human mistake in dosing. Beside, the realized automation added considerably to our capacity as well as the efficiency in compound manufacturing

Tool Design

With the third CNC work center, we are more agile and competitive now!

As an owner of one of the strongest tool manufacturing facilities in its sector in Turkey, Yemenici offers to realize your rubber-to-metal projects with agility and at very low investments.

Export Map

Our enthusiasm to understand the customer requirements and respond them in a perfect manner by digesting American, German, Japan standarts and others has given its result; With our last North American customer, Yemenici today exports to 11 markets including USA, Germany, UK and Italy directly and by a continuous base. By this opportunity we wold like to thank our customers for their cooperation.