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The capacity of presses are from 60 tons to 600 tons, and most of them are vertical type. With the platens up to 1120 x 760 mm, Yemenici is able to manifacture big and volume parts like forklift tryes, mats bigger than 1 meter, heavy buffers etc


Yemenici makes its production with 180 work force in the 11000 m2 manufacturing facilities (plus laboratory equipments) and tool design/manufacturing facilities.


Yemenici made considerable amount of investments in rubber test equipments at its modern laboratory, therefore the quality of products and R&D works are emphasized.


The main policy of Yemenici is to provide quality, just in time deliveries. competitive strength to its customers and improve these three factors continuesly.


Rubber Technology

Yemenici produces world quality ! Yemenici kept his word for continuous quality improvement by the heavy

Tool Design

With the third CNC work center, we are more agile and competitive now! As an owner

Export Map

Our enthusiasm to understand the customer requirements and respond them in a perfect manner by digesting